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Pro-Finish® cabinets are the preferred choice in production applications. These rugged, easy-to-use cabinets are available in five standard sizes with your choice of a dust bag or dust collector and can be ordered as either suction systems or high-velocity pressure blast systems, which boost production rates in many jobs by 400 percent or more.
Because Pro-Finish® systems feature a modular design approach, you can select from a wide range of standard factory options to meet your particular application requirements precisely. In other words, you can tailor a Pro-Finish® system to your requirements without paying for features and accessories you don't need. Within the Pro-Finish® line, we offer heavy-duty basket blasters for automated batch processing of work pieces in addition to FaStrip™ cabinets designed for maximum productivity with plastic media.

Even if your application is specialized, you can often enjoy the benefits of a Pro-Finish® system. Because Empire draws on a wide range of standard options to modify cabinets to your specific needs, you get proven Pro-Finish performance and dependability with a minimum of costly custom engineering.

Here are just a few examples of the types of modifications most commonly requested by our customers:
• Extended enclosures to handle longer workpieces
Elongated cabinets with two or three work stations
Pass-through cabinets with two doors or baffled openings
Powered movement of part fixturing and/or loading devices
Custom fixturing for partial automation
Automated gun/nozzle oscillation

These blast cabinets provide an excellent value when your blast needs are occasional. They retain many of the operational features of our heavy-duty cabinets, but at a lower cost. The most basic models include a dust collection system, a replaceable viewing window, and a movable foot-treadle control. Econo-Finish® Reclaim cabinets can be specified with complete media reclamation systems that reduce costs by recycling good abrasives while removing fines, dust and debris.

Do not use silica sand in any Empire blast equipment








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